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Podcasts to add to your library

Updated: Jan 15

Isn't it funny, when we were kids, talkback radio was theeee most borinngggg thing I could think of. Listening to someone's droning voice for an hour - how did my parents stand it?

So you can imagine my surprise when I found out I adore podcasts. From business and marketing podcasts, to soothing ASMR, to origin stories about seemingly mundane things, my list of favourite podcasts is long and varied. Here are just a few...

A faded image of a podcast microphone and laptop on a white desk. Pink cursive text is overlaid that says "you are what you listen to"

Working Hard, Hardly Working with Grace Beverley - In particular, Ep. 67 - Plan With Me. Grace is an absolute powerhouse and I loved this episode that breaks down her methods for goal setting and actually achieving all you set out to do. I'll be telling everyone I know to listen to this one!

Fearless Singer - Mel Lathouras is my incredible voice and business coach, and I've been lucky enough to be a guest on her show (episode 22!). Mel talks about all the things holding us back from living the creative life of our dreams and is so funny, supportive and wise. Truly a joy to listen to.

Second Life - Hillary interviews women who have switched careers and changed their lives. A great reminder that you can always change your course.

Female Startup Club - I love Doone's curiosity - she asks such good questions and really breaks down her guests' business stories.

Expanded Podcast - Lacy & Jessica cover topics around manifesting, worthiness, neural reprogramming and everything in between. so good.

The Emily Osmond Show - A great show about marketing from a woman who knows her stuff. I like that there's a mix of short and long episodes to fit into your day.

The Moth - Short stories from peoples lives, read out loud to a live audience. You will probably cry at your desk listening to this one, but you'll probably also laugh out loud and feel deeply connected to humankind afterwards.

The Goal Digger Podcast - Jenna is so passionate, great for when you need a pep talk.

The Cathy Heller Show (formerly Don't Keep Your Day Job) - One of my most listened to shows, Cathy is so engaging and makes you feel like you can do anything.

How I Built This - Success stories from iconic brands.

Socialette - Nuggets of marketing wisdom. I love that most episodes are short.

She's On The Money - Such a helpful show, aimed at Australian audiences. Learn about super, investing, and all the things you wish you got taught in school regarding finance.

Chill & Prosper - I've read a few of Denise Duffield Thomas' books and was pleasantly surprised by her podcast. Easy to listen to when you need some inspo.

Creative Pep Talk - I love the way Andy views the world. His enthusiasm is infectious.

99% Invisible - The history of things you've probably never thought about before.

Lady Brains - Two Aussie women interviewing business owners. I love this one because they interview predominantly Aussies who might not get airtime on international poddys.

My Dad Wrote A Porno - Hilarious! Great to listen to on road trips.

Happiness Spells - 5 minute lists of lovely things, read in a soothing voice. Like a warm snuggly hug.

I'd love to hear about your favourite podcasts! Let me know what's moved, educated or inspired you!


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