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Journal: March


March has been such a peach; juicy and sweet. It started out with a long weekend holiday with a group of friends at Burleigh for Ryan's birthday, including a delicious long lunch at Justin Lane.

At the end of the month I sang for the first time in front of other people - a heeeuuuuuuuuuge feat for me that I never thought I'd actually accomplish, made even sweeter by the fact that my usual stomach-twisting anxiety was kept at bay by practicing EFT Tapping.

I was then invited on the Fearless Singer podcast to talk about both the gig and the mindset changes and techniques that helped get me there, hosted by my amazing singing teacher, Mel Lathouras. Listen to the episode here or watch the vid here :)

I also launched a few new designs on my Society6 page and have had a few phone case and tote sales! Very exciting. Check them out here if you like.

At the end of the month, we celebrated my cousin Laura's baby shower with festival themed baby shower. I crafted some decorations for the event which you can read about here - I'll be doing a blog post outlining how I created those cute lil mushroom decorations soon too!


You know what? I can't really think of any pits - how good!

March Faves

Purchase: I found this incredible 50th anniversary box set of Woodstock records for Ryan's birthday.

Beauty: RMS Master Radiance Base from Mecca - holy moly, the glow is stun. I've had trouble finding a highlighter I truly love but this adds radiance and makes for glowy, sunkissed skin. Also love that you can use it by itself or mixed in with other products.

Food: This honey and rosemary studded Ricotta dish from SYSCA - the perfect comfort food that is somehow both sweet and savoury.

Fash: Cannot get these orange Melissa party shoes out of my head. Tangerine disco stompers of my dreams - they also come in silver sparkle which is a true delight.

Place: After my first ever singing gig(!) at Can You Keep A Secret at Woolloongabba, I took myself next door to their vintage shop and let me tell you, I'm kicking myself for neglecting vintage for so long. There are so many gems in this place.

Watch: Like probably everyone else in the world, after absolutely devouring Daisy Jones & The Six, I've been waiting with bated breath for it to come out as a series on Prime. So far, sooooo good.

The Month Ahead

In April, I'm aiming to launch some Gigi Valentine ceramics, as well as some more designs on Society6 and some more planners on my Etsy store.

After the school holidays I'll be getting back into singing lessons and making plans for my next gig! Wooo!

I'm also going to put it out there that I'm going to get back into journaling and scheduling using the Steph Pase business planner I so desperately wanted but have barely touched since January.

See you next month :)


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